Web Development Concierge and Personal Assistant Service

Like an event planner, construction contractor, or personal concierge, we're here to help you with your project from napkin concept to implementation and on through maintenance and revision. We'll oversee and manage your project for you while you manage and grow your business!

Just like you, we are experts at what we do.

When a pipe breaks you call a plumber. When your door sticks you call a carpenter. If your lights don't work you call an electrician. When you want to remodel your bathroom or build a new house you hire a contractor to manage and oversee the plumber, the carpenter, and the electrician.

Why bring us in to oversee your project? Because we've done it all.

  • We have taken projects from concept to design.
  • We have orchestrated the hardware and hosting environment needed to support the functionalities the design calls for.
  • We have taken the website, or web application, design through testing and revision.
  • We have moved projects from alpha through release candidate testing, and managed and stress tested the entire stack from the hardware up through the application/website.
  • We have handled all manner of post release issues that come up including:
    • Undiscovered bugs.
    • Unintended UI/UX issues.
    • New feature rollout.
    • Direction changes due to unexpected opportunities.
    • Accelerated scaling for excessive and unexpected growth.
  • We have managed projects as they mature and go into maintenance.
  • We have overseen the dismantling of projects as they age out, are out grown, or assimilated into other projects.

Over the years we have taken various projects through nearly every aspect of a project's life cycle and can help you with your project regardless of where your project is in its life cycle.

A Few of Our Favorite Things

Columbia-Willamette Clean Cities Coalition

Columbia-Willamette Clean Cities Coalition is a regional chapter of the US Department of Energy Clean Cities program. Their mission is to support and promote alternative fuels and infrastructure for consumer and commercial use.

CWCCC needed a website that could handle collecting and processing membership fees, control access to content specific to different levels of membership, and provide specific admin access based upon roles within the organization all while being mobile ready for their busy, on-the-go membership base.

To best serve CWCCC's current needs and projected future growth we built their website on a custom framework that makes use of increased security features and advanced access control.

The final product enabled CWCCC to add, swap, and manage users, content managers, and system administrators in an effective and efficient way while still enabling extremely granular access controls. In some cases specific functionalities are limited to the user as opposed to a group. Our ACL system was able to handle this with ease.

Some of the highlights of this project include:

  • Website engineering and management plan,
  • Custom framework to facilitate:
    • Enhanced web security,
    • Custom enhanced access control,
    • Granular role based content management and access.
  • Hosting environment configured to support:
    • Complete development and testing environment,
    • Complete version control and rollback system,
    • Active intrusion scanning,
    • Automated backup management.
  • Ongoing consulting and technical support.

Bokwa Fitness

Bokwa Fitness is a physical fitness program that is active and growing in over 40 countries. This huge diversity requires support for multiple languages and, in some cases, country specific content.

We also support a custom secure access control system designed to manage the various levels of membership access granted Bokwa members alongside facilitating granular and geographically specific administrative and management access to both member accounts and content.

In addition to taking over and completing the current custom CMS that Bokwa uses, we continue to update and maintain Bokwa's website.

Beyond the usual ongoing website maintenance and management we also consult with Bokwa’s technology department to help them plan, manage, and effectively utilize their technology resources to help facilitate and improve a secure and enjoyable user experience for Bokwa's clients, members, managers, support team, and admins.

Some of the highlights of this project include:

  • Ongoing bug management and feature rollout plan,
  • An enhanced CMS and eCommerce web application,
  • Customized open-source framework enabling:
    • Enhanced web security and advanced access control system,
    • Custom membership based digital media delivery and access system,
    • Granular multilingual member management system with access restricted by
      • Administrator and manager roles, and
      • Administrator and manager geographical location.
  • Customized hosting environment configuration to support:
    • Complete development and testing environment for multiple websites,
    • Complete version control and rollback system,
    • Active intrusion scanning,
    • Offsite database and file structure backup management.
  • Ongoing consulting and technical support.

Oncocell MDx

OncoCellMDx did not need a website, they needed a powerful and extremely secure, research grade sample testing schedule management system to link their doctors, medical professionals, sample transport, and testing centers on a national scale.

A system that would enable to-the-minute management of extremely time sensitive cancer research testing across many geographically separate facilities.

By implementing an aggressively compartmentalized regional and role based access and management control system we were able to help facilitate the scheduling, management, and integrity of a multi-state double-blind medical testing environment.

Some of the highlights of this project include:

  • Facilitating precise time tracking,
  • Handling extremely low error tolerance in a high accuracy environment,
  • Extreme security and double-blind compartmentalization,
  • Custom web application with support for:
    • Enhanced web security and an advanced access control system,
    • Custom user and support management with access restricted by
      • Administrator, manager, and user roles,
      • Geographic location.
  • A custom designed database,
  • Configuration of a customized hosting environment to support:
    • A complete development and testing environment,
    • A complete version control and rollback system,
    • Active intrusion scanning,
    • Backup management.
  • Limited consulting and technical support.

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