Media backup is important for quick recovery options

Media backups play a vital role in the rapid recovery of a website in the event of failure. It isn't just enough to have a backup. If that backup resides on the same hardware where the failure occurred, the backup is useless. You need a comprehensive plan that defines where the data is stored, how the data is secured, how frequently the individual data is copied, and for how long each backup will be maintained. What if you have video resources? Are those backed up as well? Audio? What happens if any of that data is permanently lost? How will that loss impact your business? It's very easy to overlook just how vulnerable a business really is when there are no frequent, secure off-site backups in place in the event of disaster.

We provide customized solutions to meet your media backup needs. Media backup is crucial to provide rapid recovery options, getting your website back up and running with the least amount of downtime possible. Coupled with our flexible Website Maintenance options, our solutions are a cost effective option to the alternative of losing valuable data to hardware failure or worse, a breach in your website security.

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